At my first meeting with a new student, we begin with an important question; what are your musical goals? Perhaps you'd like to be able to strum a few chords at the beach with friends or you have a dream of becoming a shred virtuoso; or maybe you really want to play in a classic rock band on the weekends. With the right method, practice time and determination, we can make it happen.


Or if you haven't thought about musical goals at all, that's O.K. too. We can always start by asking the most important question; what music do you love? With the right app to accompany them, even complete beginners can practice their fundamentals along with music they really enjoy.

There are also some more nuts and bolts things to mention. Materials will be needed, such as a tuner (or tuning app - there are plenty of good free ones), and a song-book and metronome, or even better, a song-learning app such as irealpro, Songsterr or Tab Pro.

The first lesson can be considered a "trial lesson", for which the student pays only the 1/2 hour lesson fee of $27. Should the student wish to continue in lessons, that lesson fee is applied toward the month's tuition; $108 for a four lesson month or $135 for a five lesson month. Payment is due in advance of the coming month. For example, in order to reserve your spot on the schedule for the month of November, you must present payment the last week in October.  Payments received after the first of the month will be charged an additional $25.00 late fee. A student starting lessons after the 1st week of the month pays only for the remaining lessons in that month. For students studying with me in Asheville, there is also a school membership fee of $55 per family, paid once per calendar year, which is payable to Asheville Music School at the first or second lesson. There is no annual fee for students coming to my downtown Hendersonville studio for lessons. I do not follow the public/private schools schedule during inclement weather cancellations. And although I certainly appreciate the courtesy of advance notice when a student cannot make a lesson, there are no adjustments in monthly tuition for missed lessons. That is, even when a student gives me advance notice of a coming absence, they are still billed in full for that month. However, whenever possible, I do give makeup lessons to students who have given me at least 48-hours notice of a coming absence. 

I also offer lessons over Skype/ Facetime for those interested in learning in their own home.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.

I look forward to helping you reach your musical goals!  





"As a guitar student, I was a self conscious adult with zero ability. Patrick created a safe place to learn, patiently simplifying concepts until I understood. When I became frustrated, he took me back to the beauty of a single note, reminded me to trust the process and I learned. I deeply appreciate his encouragement and infectious love of music."

 - Darlene P.

"My son was very fortunate to have Patrick as his guitar teacher for eight incredible years. From the day my son and I met Patrick I knew there was going to be a great connection between them. My son was very young when he first started taking lessons but Patrick was able to relate to him and develop a life-long love of music and guitar playing. Patrick effortlessly instilled confidence and pride in my son’s guitar playing ability. Guitar playing at a very young age, I believe, must have some element of fun – fun enough for the child so they don’t think playing is work and don’t realize they are, in fact, actually learning. Patrick did this for my son and if I was able to predict the future, I believe my son will be playing the guitar all his life because of what Patrick has taught him on many different levels. I truly believe that if you choose Patrick as your guitar teacher you will consider yourself an extremely lucky person to have had that opportunity to learn from him and take advantage of his wealth of knowledge."

 - Mary N.

"Music has always been near and dear to my heart since I was a little girl but I didn’t realize how important it could become in my personal life until I was inspired by Pat Walters. I started guitar lessons with him just after my twelfth birthday, when he taught me basic guitar chords to go along with my favourite Taylor Swift songs. I was fascinated with the guitar and he quickly saw my potential. We progressed to reading tablature, the naming of chords and composing original music. Pat has taught me much more than I would expect of any music instructor, not only about the guitar but about finding myself. After an amazing four years under Pat’s instruction, he has helped me find my natural talent. He has given me the confidence to find my inner voice and become the musician I am today. The last song we played together was “Take Me to Church” by Hozier and that was, undoubtedly, the best song we’ve played together. The lyrics and the timbre of the song spoke to us unlike the other songs. Pat is exceptionally encouraging and supportive of his students. He would jump through hoops to be in the crowd at every single recital I played in. He is generous with his time and knowledge and he is extremely passionate about what he does. He is honestly the most down-to-earth person I’ve ever has the privilege to meet. He always told me I had something special called “joie de vivre” and I believe he brings it out in me and that is why we connected so well. It was heartbreaking to see Pat leave Long and McQuade as my guitar instructor but I am thrilled to see him move on because I know his passion will lead him to great success with anything he chooses to do. Not only was he my amazing music instructor but he became a treasured friend. I am grateful for all the unforgettable moments I have shared with him. Thank you, Pat!"

 - Ceiledh M.