Although his first year of piano lessons at the age of four consisted largely of being stuffed with sugary treats by his elderly piano teacher, Patrick nevertheless was writing little tunes at the piano a few years later. At the age of seven, he received the LP soundtrack to his favorite movie, Star Wars, and played it so many times he wore the record out. This was the beginning of a life-long passion for orchestral music. 

When he was nine, visiting uncles from Hendersonville, N.C. taught him his first Appalachian bluegrass tunes on guitar and by 12 he was performing in restaurants and art galleries. A year later, Patrick played in his first rock band and fell in love with the electric guitar.

In high school Patrick struggled as he searched for a balance between academia and his beloved world of music. By his own admission, he spent far too much of his time as a wandering minstrel in his schools hallways. His summers were spent participating in programs at Boston’s Berklee College of Music and it was here he found the catalyst that brought the two worlds of music and academia together. At the age of 18, Berkee College of Music awarded Patrick a scholarship that enabled him to attend full-time. Completing the four-year program, Patrick graduated with the distinction, “Magna Cum Laude”. At Berkee he had found the missing link and his worlds merged.

After music and language studies in Europe, film-scoring projects and stints as as a solo performer in Boston, Patrick begin teaching guitar, bass, music-theory and songwriting full-time in 2003, specializing in shred/metal/rock, blues, jazz and acoustic styles. He has also been active for the past 12 years as a rock and jazz ensemble director, classical composer, and recording artist. Guitar Player magazine has called his music "elegantly beautiful" and featured him in the instructional column "Quick Licks". In 2013, Adagio FM, a classical music radio station based in Virginia, playlisted Patrick’s album, “Colors of the Deep: Orchestral and Chamber Music, 2011 to 2013".